Our Speciality




  • Complete Inkjet refilling is done by pigment ink (waterproof)
  • We have an Inkjet Refilling Machine it will vacuum and refill without any air block in the Head this will help the cartridge to perform in good quality.
  • You can Refill your same black cartridge 5 to 6 times with us.
  • You can Refill your same colour cartridge 3to 4 times with us.






  • We are using engine-wise powders (e.g. Hp is updating its printer's engine every year) So we are also updating the engine powders.
  • The powder we are using is carbon less powder. It will increase the number of pages.
  • The powder is a fuser friendly. So it won't affect or damages your printer.
  • We are using microtine colour powder. (This powder will give original quality.)



Dot Matrix Ribbons Speciality:


  • We are using seem fewer ribbons (Imported from India).
  • There will not be a leakage or tearing of Ribbon in between printing.